V-Rod Giveaway for Tristan

Tristan's Story

At age 4, Tristan began displaying the first signs of the illness, with increasing weakness in his legs and an altered gate.

At age 5, Tristan was diagnosed with
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a Degenerative and Terminal illness that affects one in every 3500 male births. There is no remission factor and there is no cure. It can be hereditary, but in Tristan’s case, it was a simple genetic mutation with no real cause.

At age 10, Tristan could no longer walk on his own and went into a wheelchair.

At 16, he lost all function of his arms and legs, and could no longer feed himself or care for his own needs.

Tristan now requires 24-hour care. He has a team of 5 care-workers, plus mom, dad and stepdad to help with his immense needs. He lives in his own converted suite added on to the main house.

Given all that Tristan deals with every day, he has accomplished some amazing things:

* At age 10, he received the Jack Cornwell Award from Scouts Canada, which is awarded to members who display immense courage and fortitude despite severe physical limitations.

* He was class Valedictorian, for his graduating class of 2014

* He is the youngest person to ever create a donor-driven fund, the Tristan Graham Foundation, through the Victoria Foundation, so he could raise money for worthy causes. To date, he has raised $35,000 for the BCSPCA, given that animals are near and dear to his heart. Many people ask why he doesn’t raise money for DMD research, but he has always said that he does not want any focus put on his disease. He prefers to put it towards something ‘empowering’ to him, which is helping animals.

* His love of music lead him to volunteer at UVic Radio Station, CFUV, for 3 years, where he produced, edited and recorded interviews and documentaries.

* He graduated from Camosun College in 2016 with his Digital Communications Diploma.

* He volunteers with Muscular Dystrophy Canada in their annual walkathon.

* He currently provides contract work to various companies to support them in their social media presence, and to help clients grow their online presence.

Tristan is always making sure everyone is happy and smiling and we would like to make him smile and look forward to having the best trip of his life.

We hope we can raise this money to be able to make this happen for him.

Thank you Tristan for all that you do.

The winner was Michael Night. We sold 225 tickets and raised $30,600.00


YAMAHA XS400 Giveaway

On April 14th 2019, Ryan Onosson drove himself to the grace hospital in Winnipeg because he felt he had been hit with strep throat, his throat had become swollen on one side and was causing severe pain. He was having difficulty breathing, eating and migraines had begun a week prior. Something was wrong. After a few hours waiting for the doctors to check his blood work, they said Go to the Health Sciences Centre and they will be expecting you. Off we went. After arriving, into the inpatient ward, not knowing why, they sat us down and told Ryan, Casey, and his family, that he had AML. Acute Myeloid Leukemia. A very fast-moving blood cancer that begins in the bone marrow.

Later on, we learned Ryan is also missing chromosome #7. This makes this disease almost impossible to beat but he is a fighter. The first night admitted, around 130 am, Casey was watching him sleep when she noticed he was making strange noises, thinking he was just on heavy painkillers(morphine) she called the nurses when she noticed he became slouched, changed color, and was making odd noises. A code blue was called and ICU came. He was down to 4-6 breaths per minute. This was an overdose by a combination of pain medication and the throat being swollen and affecting his airways. Luckily, a few hours later he was stable and beginning chemotherapy.

If Ryan did not go to the hospital that day, he would have passed away within a month undiagnosed. After 71 days admitted, from April till June, he had received an abundance of chemotherapy. First-round did not put him into remission, the second round, did. He was released end of June, almost 30 lbs lighter. With this disease, a Bone Marrow transplant is the ideal way to best survive. Unfortunately, by September prior to transplant, he had relapsed.

He had received the most amount of chemo that the nurses have ever seen. We had hoped the cancer cells were killed & the new cells could take over. 2 rounds of INTENSE chemo and a transplant within 3 weeks had made Ryan so sick he could barely eat or move. He had become very weak. After the bloodwork started to show cells returning, he was discharged, another 30 lbs lighter.

He is an amazing person inside and out. The type of person to give you the shirt off his back. He has spent his whole life taking care of others, and now it's our turn to take care of him. At the age of 26, we didn't think we would be dealt a card like this.


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